Running Between The Lines

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.

Running Debates

A presentation of differing perspectives and opinions regarding important topics in the running community

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Picture this: you're out on a run with your teammates, peacefully and joyfully gliding along, when someone brings up some controversial running-related topic. Instantly, the mood changes. Conversation that was once light becomes heated. As people weigh in and state their opinions, definitive lines are inevitably are drawn, and the group quickly becomes divided. Despite everyone's best efforts to remain calm and civil, it's usually not long before a full on debate has been launched. The remainder of the run may be entirely consumed by the controversy. On some rare occasions the issue may be resolved after one side finally concedes to the other's point of view, but more often than not the runs ends with each side having only become further entrenched in their beliefs.

The effectiveness of debating in this manner is, in and of itself, debatable. On the one hand, it has the inherent benefits that come with discussing things with someone while on a run: no phones, no computers, no distractions - just two people giving each other their full and undivided attention. But, on the other hand, attempting to have a deep and philisophical discussion while participating in an activity that literally gets your blood pumping may not enable people to think and speak in a clear, organizaed and rational way.

So in an attempt to facilitate more effective communication between runners who find themselves on opposite sides of some running-related ethical ravine, I present: Running Debates! Each issue will present a topic commonly debate din the running community, and an argument for either side written by two guest runners. Readers will also be encouraged to weigh in by either voting in the post's poll or sharing their thoughts in the comments!

Upcoming Topics

Interval rest in minutes or meters

Running before or after work

Running with our without music

Race often or infrequently

Mile or 1500m

Buns, boyshorts, or loose shorts

Shorts of half tights

Doubles or singles

Previous Topics

Miles or Minutes - written by Katie Kellner (miles) and John Schilkowsky (minutes)

Running Debates: Miles or Minutes?

Miles or minutes? Minutes or miles? It's an age-old topic of debate among runners and coaches alike, one that seems to have only grown more fervent as new technologies have developed. In the past, when *all* watches did was tell time, running for minutes was clearly the easiest choice. With GPS watches now tracking our movement down to the hundredth of a mile, the ability (and possible temptation) to run for distance has become much more of a reality. The emergence of routing tools like MapMyRun and Strava's 'segments' have certainly blurred these lines a bit, but there are still…

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